Generic Forms/Agreements

The MEA, working together with CEO (Consulting Engineers of Ontario), has developed the following documents, which are model templates in Microsoft Word (.doc) format intended for the use and customization by municipalities arranging with consultants to contract for municipal engineering services.

Note: These two documents are guidelines for the retention of Consultants services and should be reviewed by each municipality’s legal and purchasing departments to ensure that any unique municipal requirements are addressed. The CEO and MEA do not assume liability from the use of these agreements.


MEA CEO Consultant Appraisal Template

2002 MEA-CEO Consultant Services Appraisal Form (.doc) 


MEA CEO Agreement for Engineering Services Template

2016 MEA-CEO Long Form Agreement (.doc)

The 2006 MEA-CEO Long Form Agreement is suitable for design, tendering, and construction oversight services. A guide is provided for modifying the template to reflect the individual municipality, its policies for accountability and payment, and those of the consultant.

Note: A companion guide is to the above is being updated

2011 MEA-CEO Short Form Agreement (.doc)

The 2011 MEA-CEO Short Form Agreement is suitable for shorter duration consulting tasks that are generally of a very specific nature.