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Announcement: Municipal Infrastructure Certification Program

November 10, 2017

Announcement: Municipal Infrastructure Certification Program

The Municipal Engineer’s Association (MEA) is pleased to announce its new “Municipal Infrastructure Certification” Program commencing January 2018.

The MEA’s program, in conjunction with Ontario Good Roads Association (OGRA), formally recognizes the amalgamated training efforts of individuals in a number of categories which are highly valued by municipal infrastructure professionals.

Municipal Infrastructure Certification is available for the following categories:
• Construction Materials • Inspection • Road Design • Buried Infrastructure • Generalist

Training currently required for the certification is offered through the Municipal Infrastructure Training (MIT) program together with MEA’s Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (MCEA) training. MEA certification will be provided to applicants who successfully meet the criteria in any one of the categories.

You may already have successfully completed requisite courses. To view your transcript of courses completed, visit or call the OGRA office for assistance at 289-291-6472.

If you are interested in pursuing this valuable certification, please see application form. Additional information can be found on the MEA’s and/or OGRA’s websites at or