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January 11, 2018

OPS GC Committee – Communication

The OPS General Conditions Committee has now completed the final draft of the planned November 2018 GC MUNI 100 public release. Over the past year the Committee has conducted a jurisdictional scan of various municipalities’ General Conditions to look for common elements that could constitute an appropriate requirement to revise and update the current Nov 2006 GC MUNI 100 to bring it up to today’s standards. This review also included a study of the MTO’s Nov 2016 GC PROV 100.

The main goal of this review was to ensure that any changes that were to be made to the 2006 MUNI GC incorporated only content that could commonly apply across all of the 400 plus Municipalities in Ontario.

The Committee also acknowledges that Bill 142 for the Construction Act, replacing the Construction Lien Act, had its 3rd reading on Dec 5, 2017 and received the Royal Assent on December 12, 2017. Most of the significant changes to the Construction Lien Act will not become law until proclaimed, pending finalization and approval of regulations and prescribed forms. It is expected that the Construction Lien Act Amendment Act, 2017 will be proclaimed in different stages in 2018. As such, the Committee requests that the review of the GC document be conducted in isolation of the new Act.

The timeline for November 2018 public release includes a 3 month review period from January 1st 2018 through to March 31st, 2018 whereby we would provide the opportunity for all members to take the final draft back to their home municipalities and organizations to allow one last opportunity for comment.

This communication includes;

  1. A PDF copy of the Final Draft GC MUNI 100 rev Dec 19, 2017 and,
  2. A chart that will allow for final comment.

Any questions or comments throughout this 3 month review period should be sent to Hilda Esedebe at with the subject line “OPS MUNI 100 GC Comments”. The GC committee will meet in April to begin to review any comments received and to address revisions arising from the phased implementation of the Construction Act.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your participation in this final draft review and for any comments your municipality or organization provides.

We would also like to take the opportunity to promote the use of OPS in Ontario municipalities and organizations. The use of OPS has numerous benefits including;

Click for the rest of the OPS Promotional Presentation, and a short comprehensive promotional video.


Hilda Esedebe, P.Eng., MBA, M.Sc.

Infrastructure Services Coordinator

Ontario Good Roads Association/Municipal Engineers Association

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