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Hi All,

Hope all of you are enjoying the summer.

Just a quick question regarding splash pads, our CBO is considering connecting splash pads to storm sewer system as opposed to the sani. Just wondering the consensus of other municipalities.


Martin P. Bateson, CET, MITE
Senior Manager, Development Engineering
Town of Milton

Martin Bateson <martin.bateson@milton.ca>

John Simmonds Executive Director MEA
Hi Martin,

City of Oshawa generally encourages rainfall leaders to be discharged on the ground through the use of splash pads. We would allow for the connection if it is in a townhouse situation where there are no grass strips or where there is a sidewalk in the front of the properties.


Patrick Lee | Water Resources Manager | City of Oshawa
Patrick Lee
John Simmonds Executive Director MEA
Are we talking about the Children Splash Pads where they run through jets of water on hot days


Are we talking about the splash pads that are on the ground that disperses water from roof leaders / evastroughs??
Richard Spraggs
John Simmonds Executive Director MEA
Hi Martin

I spoke with my building department personnel this morning and he told me that there have been instances of drainage of these splash pads being drained to both storm and sanitary. He said sometimes it is a function of what is available. Some parks do not have sanitary sewers available and only storm sewers. He also stated that before permits are issued to Public Works or the Region, depending on where the drainage is taking place, is checked with to see if there are any concerns. He confirmed they have not had any issues in the past with either.

He also confirmed that levels of chlorination are not beyond what would be found in potable water and was of the opinion there would not be a level of contamination that would warrant a concern. Essentially viewed as clear water waste.

Hope this helps.

Jamal Syed, P.Eng.,
Senior Development Engineer
City of Cambridge
Jamal Syed
John Simmonds Executive Director MEA
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