In Wasaga Beach we have a proposed subdivision that the developer has to traverse over approximately 750m of rural, local road to get in and out of the development.

The external road is currently severely alligatoring and is noted as “deficient” in our Road Needs Study; however, this section of road is not a high priority for repair due to low traffic volumes (in particular truck traffic) etc. and in spite of the alligatoring, it is holding up with current traffic loads, likely due to the native self-draining soil material (sand). As such, repair for this road is not included in our 4-year maintenance forecast, even though we know that we will have to repair it sometime relatively soon.

Although the road currently holds up, we suspect that the heavy truck traffic / hauling to and from the proposed development is going to break up the surface of this road, and once the asphalt starts popping out, I suspect the whole surface will start coming apart and the road will need repair.

It is further noted that the subdivision has a condition for final approval that the developer shall reinstate the external road(s) if damage occurs from construction traffic. The intent of this condition was localized repairs if needed, but as noted above, it is possible that the entire road will be damaged by the end of construction (…but it is already damaged). This condition leaves potential costs for repair quite open ended and uncertain for the developer to account for and as such, I am suggesting that I define a “fair” amount for deposit to be used towards the road repair if damage is noted.

My first question to the group is: given the circumstances and current condition of the road, is it “fair” / reasonable to request the developer to repair the road after hauling, knowing it is already deficient? And/or fair to have him provide a capital contribution towards the cost of the Town to complete the full roadway repair (either in full or partial cost)?

Second: how has / would your municipality deal with this?

Third: what should be considered “fair”?

Your thoughts on this would be most helpful and appreciated.