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Good Morning all
How dose your municipality respond to locate requests from Ontario One call in un-assumed developments.
Steve Grace CET.
Program Manager, Water Resources
Town of Halton Hills
Loyalist Township does provide locating services within development areas after Underground Approval has been granted.

We operate on a cost recovery basis with all our developments. Any time spent on locates within development areas are billed at an hourly rate to the Developer until assumption takes place at PCAW.

We have included the following clause in our newer subdivision agreements:

The Owner acknowledges and agrees that the Municipality shall not provide any locate services until such time as the Preliminary Certificate of Approval for Underground Services has been issued. The Owner further acknowledges and agrees that all costs related to providing utility locates within the plan prior to issuance of the Preliminary Certificate of Approval of Works incurred by the Municipality shall be borne by the Owner. The Municipality will provide locate service is in accordance with Ontario One Call procedures only after the Preliminary Certificate of Underground Services has been issued by the Municipality.

We also require underground as-builts and lateral sheets to be provided prior to issuing our underground approval in order to help us complete locates.

Alex Scott, C.Tech.
Engineering Technician III

Loyalist Township
Infrastructure Services Department | Engineering Division
P.O. Box 70 | 263 Main Street | Odessa, Ontario | K0H 2H0
(613) 386-7351 x115

Within The Blue Mountains, we start locating when we take over the operation of the underground systems. It's not at assumption but at the time house building starts.

- Reg Russwurm

Our Roads Operations staff outsources the locates to a private contractor and they do not differentiate with respect to the Assumption Status of the subdivision.

Hope that helps.

Rollie Orial, EIT, C.E.T.
Development Engineering Project Co-ordinator
Engineering Services
City of Oshawa
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