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Welcome to the MEA Forum. This site is available to provide an exchange of ideas and discuss issues related to Municipal Engineering. It is also available to receive feedback and comments from MEA members.

There are 2 other main sections, One to discuss the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment process and the other to discuss all things related to Development Engineering.

Currently the general MEA and the MCEA forums can be read by anyone, however you must be registered with the site to post entries. You do NOT have to be a member of the MEA to register for this forum. It is probably worthwhile to have an automatic email notification on issues that you are interested in.

The DEC forum is currently only open to MEA members and members of the Development Engineering Committee.

Please note most of the earlier posts are re-posted from email exchanges on a particular topic by me and so have my email contact at the end of each post. The actual authors contact email address is within the body of the post.

Any questions can be directed to John Simmonds at john.simmonds@municipalengineers.on.ca
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