Executive Board

Fellow MEA Members

Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your President of the Municipal Engineers Association (MEA) for the 2018/2019 term. I am honoured and excited to carry out the work of our Board for another year and proud to be a member of this association for 30 years. Your board continues to work hard on a variety of initiatives and liaisons with many associations and 2019 will be another active year.

I would like to congratulate MEA Director Matthew Miedema and the organizing committee for delivering an outstanding Fall Workshop in the City of Thunder Bay in November 2018 – it was a resounding success! Workshop presentations are now available on the MEA website.

The MEA is responsible for the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (MCEA) and Ontario Provincial Standards and Specifications. These important documents rely on members of this organization and other organizations who volunteer their time to maintain and support them.

The Board has successfully acquired the skills of Mr. Dan Cozzi, P.Eng. as our Executive Director who replaced Mr. Alan Korell, P.Eng. in July of 2018 – Dan has been a long serving and dedicated member of the MEA over many years. We also have recently acquired the skills on long term member Paul Knowles, P.Eng. who is retiring from municipal life but will be carrying on the stewardship and planned improvements to the MCEA as our MCEA Advisor. Paul has been the custodian of the MCEA document for over three decades and we look forward to our continued relationship and planned improvements to the document over the next couple of years.

In addition, Mr. Amin Mneina has recently been recruited to replace Hilda Esedebe as the OGRA/MEA Member Services Coordinator. The MEA Board welcomes Dan, Paul and Amin and look forward to achieving many great things together for the MEA in the upcoming years.

Some of the key priorities this year will be the revisions to the MCEA, updating our strategic plan, continued training opportunities for municipal engineers and their staff, continued focus on the MEA Young Professional group as they are our future. Other initiatives your board are working on are the improvements to the MEA website (including ultimately combining the MEA and MCEA websites into one), improving our social media presence, establishing a recognition program for our volunteers, improving the visibility of municipal engineers in government and the value they bring to the Public in terms of protecting our safety and renewing our sustaining infrastructure which is vital to our prosperity and economic growth. Many other activities are planned and will be communicated to our membership as they evolve.

The board encourages member feedback. Please make contact through our executive Director, Dan Cozzi at dan.cozzi@municipalengineers.on.ca with any questions, comments or suggestions.

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for the exciting South Georgian Bay MEA Annual Fall Workshop & AGM which will be held at the Blue Mountain Resort from November 26 – 29, 2019. The Workshop is jointly hosted by the Towns of Blue Mountains, Collingwood and Wasaga Beach. Planning for the event is already underway - more details will follow later this spring/summer. The Workshop is being guided under the skillful and experienced leadership of MEA Past-President Reg Russwurm, along with Mike Pincivero (Wasaga Beach) and John Velick (Collingwood) as co-chairs. I know they will deliver an outstanding and informative event. Don’t miss this marvelous learning and networking opportunity.

On behalf our your 2018-2019 MEA Board of Directors; John Thompson (Past-President), Roslyn Lusk (Vice-President), Salim Alibhai (Secretary-Treasurer) and Directors; Matthew Miedema, Christine Adams, Jason Cole, Enrico Scalera, George Elliott and Nick Colucci; thank you for your ongoing support and we look forward to serving to you.

Yours sincerely,

Steven T. Lund, P.Eng., PWLF

MEA President

(County Engineer and Director of Operations, County of Huron)

Lund, Steve
County of Huron
Email: slund@huroncounty.ca
Vice President
Lusk, Roslyn
City of Kitchener
Email: roslyn.lusk@kitchener.ca
Alibhai, Salim
Regional Municipality of York
Email: salim.alibhai@york.ca
Past President
Thompson, John F.
City of Barrie
Email: jothompson@barrie.ca
Scalera, Enrico
Town of Oakville
Email: enrico.scalera@oakville.ca
Cole, Jason
County of Lambton
Email: jason.cole@county-lambton.on.ca
Adams, Christine
City of Saint Catharines
Email: cadams@stcatharines.ca
Miedema, Matthew
City of Thunderbay
Email: mmiedema@thunderbay.ca

Elliott, George
Town of Strathroy-Caradoc
Email: gelliott@strathroy-caradoc.ca

Colucci, Nick
Township of Brock
Email: ncolucci@townshipofbrock.ca

Executive Director
Cozzi, Dan M.
Municipal Engineers Association
Email: dan.cozzi@municipalengineers.on.ca