MEA Documents: Public

1984 mea design manual 2012 edits


MEA 50th Anniversary History Book, "Sharing With Pride"

Electronic Copy of Book with bookmarks for locations of Sections.


MEA By-Laws and Constitution

The following is the current by-law no.1 as approved on November 22, 2012 at the MEA AGM and amended by Motion 2014-02 at the 2014 AGM


MEA Expenses Form 2018


OPS Order Form 2016 for MEA Discount Printed Standards

As a co-owner of the OPS Standards with the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, MEA members can order printed versions of the standards at discounted prices, as per the attached form (which must be used to order).


OPS Promotional Items;

  1. OPS Promotional Presentation
  2. Photos from OPS Presentation at OGRA Conference 2018
  3. OPS Promotional Article - Asphalt Topics Magazine Spring 2018
  4. OPS Promotional Video


Sample Municipal Access Agreement 2015 FCM


Sample Municipal Access Agreement Hamilton


Sample Municipal Access Agreement 2015 Oakville

Attached are sample Municipal Access agreements that have been used as a basis for an agreement between Municipalities and Telecom companies.