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MECP Presentation - Excess Soil Engagement

May 22, 2019


To view the presentation slides, please CLICK HERE!


The Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) is seeking your input on a regulatory proposal for excess soil management. This proposal supports the direction in Ontario’s proposed Environment Plan, which speaks to recognizing that excess soil is often a resource that can be reused and setting clear rules to allow industry to reduce construction costs.

Changes have been made to the proposal based on input received. This proposal includes the following elements for your review and input:

  • A new proposed On-Site and Excess Soil Management Regulation
  • Complementary amendments to Regulation 347 (Waste)
  • Amendments to O. Reg. 153/04 (Records of Site Condition)
  • A proposed document to be adopted by reference in the On-Site and Excess Soil

Management Regulation titled “Rules for On-Site and Excess Soil Management”

  • A proposed “Beneficial Reuse Assessment Tool”

The proposal would increase opportunities for the appropriate and beneficial reuse of excess soil. This would:

  • recognize excess soil as a resource;
  • set clear rules to increase reuse opportunities and reduce soil relocation costs;
  • reduce clean excess soil going to landfill as waste;
  • lower greenhouse gas emissions associated with excess soil movement; and
  • protect human health and the environment. 

Please visit the Environmental Registry  by clicking on the link ( or by searching EBR 013-5000. 

The EBR posting is open for 30 days (May 1-31), and we encourage you to submit comments early in that timeframe.