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2017 Membership Renewals

April 28, 2017

In response to recent queries, the MEA would like to take a moment to further guide its members through the new online membership renewal process. You may renew your membership through the MEA website here by clicking on the "Members" tab on the right side of the page, then scrolling down to "Renewals".  You will be prompted to log in to access your infomation. If you experience issues logging in, please contact Lesley McCauley at or 289-291-OGRA ext. 27 for assistance. Once logged in, you may view your transactions, and there are "Paid" and "Unpaid" tabs, all of which allow you to see if you have paid for 2017 and previous years. You will recieve an email confirmation upon completion of your transaction. The option to pay by cheque is now available.

Please note that the MEA is currently working on having auto-email reminders with invoices attached for your convenience. For now, invoices will only be accessible online as described above. Only corporate members (municipalities with 10 or more MEA members) will receive invoices in the mail. Please click here for the 2017 Membership Fee Schedule. Kindly note that even while logged in, you will not have access to member-only content on the MEA website if your membership is expired.

Please do not hesitate to contact Rayna Gillis ( or Lesley McCauley (, at 289-291-OGRA if further assistance is needed.


The MEA would like its members to continue to enjoy the many benefits of  membership including;

- The sharing of valuable information; including new policies, methods etc. and access to insider interpretations

- MEA is the proponent and maintainer of the MCEA  process, so members;

  •Stay current with changes to the process and are the first to know

  •Have access to  up-to-date training

  •Have an influence on changes or direction

- MEA manages, promotes and keeps the OPS system as the provincially recognized authority for the design and construction of infrastructure, so members;

  •Stay current with changes to the system and are the first to know

  •Have access to  up-to-date training

  •Have an influence on changes or direction

- Valuable Networking opportunities through forums, committees, workshops etc.

- Mentorship and career growth opportunities

- Support of education through Bursaries

- Access to Recruitment information

- Lower fees for training, workshops and publications

Members may encourage other engineers within thier municipalities to join the MEA so that they too will benefit from membership. As shown in the Fee Schedule referenced above, the more members each municipality has, the better.

Also noted are associate memberships for engineers who do work on behalf of municipalities i.e. engineers of record, engineers on a municipality's roster or pre-qualification list.

A presentation about the MEA, which could be shared with other engineers within your municipality can be found here.

The MEA thanks all members for thier support.