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May 1, 2017

To all OPS SMC and Committee Chairs and coordinators:

On behalf of the OPS Advisory Board I again would like to thank each and every one of you and your committee members for your solid efforts in the successful April 30, 2017 OPS Publishing.

Please therefore be advised that the April 30, 2017 OPS Publishing has now been completed and you can access the new documents through the website and clicking on “Online Ontario Provincial Standards” at the bottom right hand corner.

Just to let you know the most important documents within the publication, being the eight-volume based OPS Revision Packages, are available for free so that you can print them at your convenience and update your binders.

You may notice that not all of the individual specifications and drawings in PDF format have been uploaded, yet however; I am currently working with IT to complete that part of the publishing.  Hopefully it will be done soon as well.

Your patience while that takes place would be much appreciated.

This was by far a record April for OPS publishing which normally only sees a few specs and drawings being revised or new through corrections.  Rather with this publication we made some great headway in continuing to move the COMMONs to MUNI’s and PROVs which you will see when you open the revision packages.

Thanks again.